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Xem Phim Cầm Tù Esaret Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ thuyết minh Dijital Esaret captivity 2007 Resumen De La Película: Esaret Việt Sub vietsud Thuyết Minh đầy đủ trọn bộ tập cuối.

On the one hand, Oguz, burning with arrogance and revenge, on the other hand, Firuze, who is ready to take on the role assigned to him even though he is sinless... Oguz, the heir apparent of the Demirhanli family, and Firuze, whom he thinks killed his twin brother, will take their place on the screen with the vengeful love of Firuze. Demirhanli Mansion is shaken by bitter news. The leader of the family, the twin sister of the mighty Orhun Demirhanli, was killed in Africa. Orhun, who punished the perpetrators, will now be guided by the fire of revenge in his heart. On the way back from Africa, there is a burning fire inside, and a slave girl, Hira, is next to her. From now on, neither the world will be the same as before nor Orhun Demirhanli. As fate drags the desert winds to Istanbul; A proud and a victim are on the same path now. And CAPTURE has begun once.

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