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Cộng Sự Số 1

The Best Partner

45 min

Đang phát: 42/42

Tập mới nhất: 424140

Quốc gia: Phim Trung Quốc

Diễn viên: Chun SunDong JinLyric LanMintao LiuOu Wang…Vivian WuXiaochen WangXu DaiYu TianZhu Zhu

Thể loại: Phim Thuyết Minh

4.9/ 5 2 lượt

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Nội dung phim

Jing ying lü shi Two legal worlds collide when Luo Bin (Jin Dong) meets Dai Xi (Lan Ying Ying). The former is one of the most focused lawyers in the business, and a senior partner at the prestigious Panorama Law Firm. For him, the job is all about winning cases and very little else. Dai Xi, meanwhile, is the polar opposite. Deeply invested in her clients' plights, she values empathy and understanding. But when Dai Xi is charged with representing her best friend's cause, she ends up at Panorama - and must work as Luo Bin's assistant. She joins the Panorama team, and together with Luo Bin, the lawyers tackle a wide range of cases - from copyright infringement to custody rights in divorce cases, and property rights disputes to trade secrets infringements. The two lawyers' radically different outlooks mean that working together is anything but easy. But could working together on key cases eventually prove beneficial for the duo? Will Dai Xi's influence help mellow Luo Bin? And can he, in turn, spur Dai Xi on to greater legal success? Could they develop mutual respect for one another - or will it be dis-order in the court?

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